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This site refuses to do any designy thing, except of course to use Helvetica...

Let`s hope it compares favourably with The Fall And Rise Of Reginald Perrin...

Coming soon - THOUSANDS of disfunctional items at sky high prices!!!

PLUS our totally unsecured email ordering system!

And of course the grot returns policy where if an item were to work then we will give you a refund!!!

Grot Executive Members Lounge - online shopping at its most frustrating

Our www designers can`t be bothered adding a shopfront yet so if you cannot wait to browse our selection of stock then here are a few items that you can purchase now, simply email your requirements to Sales or fill in the form which you can jump to using the Click below

Smiley golf balls (set of 3) - each ball comes with a tailor made smile to allow maximum resistance in the air & the least possible control from the clubface - 24.83
Glass darts set  - need we say more? - 127.76
Sandpaper shoe insoles  (Pack of 5) - treat your feet to blisters like you have never before? - 27.76
The Grot "waterproof jacket" - made from chiffon (appeasing FabricArt) so as to allow the water straight through - 92.16
p&p 28.99

All prices are in UK Pounds sterling
If we manage to deliver within 28 days then your money back!

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